My name is Sandra Herrera (aka "The Hydro Girl") and I have created this site to help Pacific Northwest divers become familiar with local dive sites, access training to hone and refine skills, and share information. This site is constantly being updated with new, interesting features, so be sure to bookmark it and check back frequently.

Sandra & Stitch

Throughout this site you will find details about area dive sites, including photos of the site itself and some of the aquatic life found there. I also keep a Dive bLog of helpful tips, so be sure to check it out for updates from time to time.

Most of the dive sites I frequent are in the Western Washington/Puget Sound area, such as Elliott Bay, but I've also spent time diving some of the great sites in Southwestern Canada. Many of these locations have been reviewed in my Diving the Pacific Northwest guide, to serve as an orientation to each site.

SCUBA diving is my passion and I would love to share it with you. Why not join me on my next dive adventure?

See you in the water!
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